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In this new, extensively updated second edition, authors Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow accurately capture the current US business environment and its changes since their best-selling 1st edition published in 2002.  You’ll find even more insights into the American business mindset, diversity and regions building on the acclaimed first edition so you can confidently negotiate, communicate and influence in the world’s largest, most profitable and complex marketplace.

Alongside their examination of the impact of 5 generations in today’s US workforce, the authors explore the complex issues faced by American bosses including:

  • levels of transparency expected of organizations in how they do business, ranging from ethics of their supply chain, to the treatment of employees via social media, equal pay expectations or the personal views of their executives on environmental, social, governance or political events
  • ever declining workforce loyalty resulting from perceived job insecurity
  • younger employees’ quest for visibility, interesting projects and rapid promotion
  • consumer and customer expectations as standard for extensive personalization and customization of products and services

Anybody who has ever done business with Americans can testify that there are more differences than similarities between the US business culture and those in the rest of the world.  Whether it’s values, etiquette, communication, influencing or negotiating, there’s a clear American style. How you go about building successful and profitable business relationships in the US should be guided by the many important lessons and insights offered in this essential reference guide. Whether new to working with Americans or an experienced internationalist, this book will serve as your ready reference for connecting with US colleagues, clients, customers or consultants. 

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