meet the authors of: Working with Americans

Photo of Allyson Stewart-Allen

Allyson Stewart Allen

Allyson Stewart Allen, CEO of International Marketing Partners based in London, and Lanie Denslow (Principal, World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources) in Los Angeles met at an international business event years before they ever thought of writing a book together.

They immediately became friends, drawn together by their shared interest/determination to improve the ability to create working relationships between professionals from differing countries and cultures. As Americans, both from California, they were especially aware that people around the world found “those Americans” and their approach to doing business puzzling. What better way to increase understanding of the American style of doing business than be writing a book? When Allyson proposed the idea, Lanie quickly agreed and so it began.

Before long-distance collaboration was commonplace, Lanie and Allyson embarked on their collaboration using emails, phone calls and occasional in-person visits to London and Los Angeles to write their book, Working with Americans. This internationally recognized best-selling book, published by Prentice Hall, was and still is the first-ever business manual exclusively about the US business culture.

It has rightly earned critical acclaim for helping business professionals around the world to improve their relationships with, and profits from, American business partners, bosses and colleagues.

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Photo of Lanie Denslow

Lanie Denslow