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“a corporate survival handbook. There’s lots of sensible advice for doing business with Americans.”

— Sunday Times Book of the Week

“As Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow point out in Working with Americans, the workplace can appear hostile when colleagues are afraid to engage in a friendly embrace. ‘Even with people whom you know socially, where a hug and even a kiss is your normal greeting, in the workplace, it’s a handshake and a nod’ they write.”

— Financial Times

“The authors did a good job of making a trans-Atlantic business culture comparison. Their fellow countrymen appear in a straight-forward, ,direct and objective light. The impression: America Inc. has less time and money to give away than Deutschland AG or Britain Plc which leads to quicker results.”

— Financial Times Deutschland

“The one whole interesting area that Working with Americans addresses a lot, is the relationship beyond the purely functional work relationship. What I like is at the end of each chapter, there’s words to live by… and learning that he who asks the questions is in control!”

— CNN Business International programme

“For many people, Globalization means Americanization, but successful economic development also needs cultural understanding and trust. This book will give you a real insight into how to build successful relationships with the wonderful folk from ‘God’s Own Country’.”

— Sir Paul Judge, Chairman,
British-North America Committee Founder,
Judge Institute of Management Studies, Cambridge University

“This book not only helps you avoid misunderstandings, but more importantly makes you understand how this unique combination can work.”

— Philippe Bourguignon, former Chief Executive,
Club Med and Disneyland Paris

“The book I wish I had written…
the book I hope you will read!

— Ed Reilly, President, American Management Association

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