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Working with Americans, Version 2

Anybody who has ever done business with Americans can testify that there are more differences than similarities between the US business culture and those in the rest of the world.  Whether it’s values, etiquette, communication, influencing or negotiating, there’s a clear American style.  How you go about building successful and profitable business relationships in the US should be guided by the many important lessons and insights offered in this essential reference guide.

Authors Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow return with this second edition to capture the current US business environment, providing you with a deeper understanding of America’s business mindset, diversity and regions so you can confidently navigate this large, complex and rewarding economy.

Whether new to working with Americans or an experienced internationalist, this book will serve as your ready reference for connecting with US colleagues, clients, customers or consultants.  You’ll discover what drives American informality, schedules and the desire to combine fun with business.

Each independent chapter allows you to dip into specific topics or sections that interest you. All are grounded in evidence-based research on cross-cultural working, behavioral science and leadership. It’s the ultimate guide for busy business leaders regardless of sector or company size.
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